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Your new Running workout calendar is here! print out the December calendar for Runners now to join us!

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What you get when you join the December Running Challenge:

1. calendar – with tips, reminders as well as workouts

2. RUNNING LOG – to track development & stay accountable

3. Check-ins with Running trainer Monica on IG @RunEatRepeat as well as on – to keep you on track!

Want to Run Better, Faster, Stronger, Further?

The most significant difficulty for many people who want to run – better, faster, further, etc =is that they autumn off the wagon.

Consistency is everything! This December Running calendar as well as everyday check-ins with me will assist you stay accountable as well as motivated.


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December Running difficulty calendar totally free Printable

Get the printable Running calendar as well as Log by filling out the type on the bottom OF THIS POST.

How to comply with the December Running Calendar:

This Running physical fitness calendar Features: 

3 Runs a Week

2 stamina training Days

1 ‘You Choose’ Day 

1 rest Day


Running = There are 3 days arranged for running on this calendar, Monday, Wednesday as well as Friday. The calendar suggests running between 30 to 60 minutes, however that’s as much as you. You ought to run the time or distance that’s suitable for your present fitness, health, injury history as well as goals.

First evaluate where you are best now with your cardio fitness, your injury history, your general health and wellness as well as your goals.

If you are coming off an injury or are new to running – inspect with your doctor for clearance before starting anything new.

To figure out exactly how much you ought to run – ask yourself these questions:

Do you requirement clearance from your doctor before starting a running program? [Always begin there]

What’s your present physical fitness level? Do you have a base? have you been running 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes for 3 months recently? If you haven’t been running commonly or consistently lately you should begin off sluggish with a shorter run as well as think about doing Run/Walk intervals.

What’s your goal?

This will assist you figure out if you ought to focus on walking best now, do run/walk intervals or run more.

Running Days Tips: 

Run / walk Intervals or walking the whole time – is okay. Do what you can.

If your goal is fitness, health and wellness or weight loss objective for  >>>  30 minutes of running or Run/Walk – Monday / Wednesday / Friday. 

If you’re extremely in shape as well as an experienced runner – you select your mileage or time to run based on your present physical fitness level. 

If you’re currently training for a race – you can comply with that plan as well as utilize this calendar for the stamina workouts as well as pointer to inspect in.

New Runner or Returning Runner
If you’re a new runner, coming back after time off or requirement some versatility in your plan because of other elements – utilize the Run / walk Strategy. begin off with shorter amounts of time to develop up your endurance. listen to your body as well as take breaks or push yourself based on what your body is feeling.

Note exactly how long you run as well as exactly how long you walk (usually in minutes) as well as exactly how it feels. utilize the blank areas on the calendar to track your progress. This will provide you additional insight on when you can run for longer intervals if you want to develop that up.

Running Log totally free Printable includes the Calendar

A Running Log can assist you run faster, longer, much better as well as hit your goals.

Use the Running Log to compose down your runs as well as workouts. compose notes that will assist you stay conscious of your progress, difficulties as well as wins. It can include things like:  a excellent running path that you want to go back to… running gear you used that chafes in specific conditions… a tight area you want to stretch additional or get a massage to work out… etc.

And you can utilize training logs or journals to see what type of workouts assist you get quicker or run longer… exactly how much mileage your body can take without injury… your physical fitness level at different times in the past as well as exactly how those compare with your race times… as well as more.

This will assist you see your progress, observe your body’s signals (good or bad) as well as track your mileage as well as speed so you have much more info to choose if you’re prepared to run much more or run faster.


There are some body weight exercises on the calendar to get you started. inspect back right here each week. I’ll share new workouts every Wednesday this month to provide you much more ideas!

*There’s a very fun holiday themed workout coming soon!*

Ditt valg

Saturdays are as much as you. If you’re training for a race – you most likely have a long run on the routine either Saturday or Sunday. This method you can comply with together with the calendar as well as make it work for your training plan!

If you are new to running or don’t want to run much more than 3 days a week – just be active this day.

Things like cleaning, hiking, biking, dancing, etc – all can be excellent workout options.


Sundays are a needed rest day. as well as you ought to likewise take extra rest days when your body needs them. This is why it’s essential to utilize the Running Log to track your workouts. It’s a excellent tool to inspect in with your body as well as listen to every lil whisper.

If you are extremely sore, tired, feel injured, suspect something feels ‘off’ you ought to always stop as well as completely rest as well as recuperate before continuing. as well as always see a physician if you feel injured or sick.

How do I get the December calendar as well as Running Log?

If you’re already on the Run eat Repeat email listing it ought to be in your inbox. inspect your spam folder as well as if it’s not there either.

Or fill out the type below to get it now!

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ALWAYS inspect with your physician before trying any type of new diet plan or exercise routine.


FREE Monthly Miles Tracker!!

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