A date with 10 Miles


happy Saturday! I was MIA last night because I went on a date. Don’t get too excited it was with my husband

I have been craving pizza all week since I was born so we ended up at BJ’s Brewery. Ben started with the Tomato Bisque and I stole a few bites slurps.
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Marathon training Day 1


We shared a pizza and salad. The salad was so not worth the price.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the pizza either. It was all bread and not enough sauce. I love it saucy!

The last time I went to BJ’s was after last year’s long beach Marathon. I was delirious and hungry so I didn’t realize it’s super overrated. now in a more normal state of mind I am aware.

We had some time to kill before our movie so Ben got a ice cream cone. I stole licks, but was holding out for Yogurtland post-movie.

This is pre-dessert dessert

We saw Tower Heist and it better than I expected (but I set the bar low). I am not a big fan of movies because I’m super add and hate “just” watching a movie unless I really want to see it.

Note: It took all my effort not to get popcorn. This may be a first (and last). I always get popcorn. I love popcorn. I want some right now actually….

Finally I got Yogurtland! The cashier gave us 2 spoons which I thought was weird. apparently some people share frozen yogurt?!

I know, I thought it was super odd too! I ditched that second spoon and ran off with my dessert before Ben could even think of having a bite.

Last night I looked up a marathon training program for my next race. It said I should 10 miles today. I wasn’t sure how my body would react since I’ve had a month off, but I gave it a go.

Remember how I threw my handheld water bottle at Mile 20-something of the long beach Marathon? Well, I bought a new one this week. I think it’s smaller than my last one though.

I was considering an impromptu half marathon tomorrow, but those 10 miles were not easy today. I considered walking it in, but made myself run it in.

Don’t mind me, just taking a classy self timer picture on a public street

The reason I finished the 10 miles?


I promised myself whole Foods if I did it. Avtale. I grabbed a detox juice with wheat grass on the side as an appetizer.

`I grabbed one of everything from the hot food bar and busted it open on the way home. note to self: eating noodles from a card board box while driving is not a good idea.

I also got dessert. You know, because eating cake in parking lot at 10am on a Saturday is perfectly normal. send help.

I also ate the biggest piece of corn bread. I’ve had a craving and meant to save it for later, but couldn’t. I was really hungry while at WF so I over bought and over ate. now I’m stuffed

Then, it was time for a quick shower and wardrobe change. Ben and I are going to my friend Susan and Rondell’s wedding!

Rumor has it there will be cornbread. good thing I’m ready for round #2.See ya later!

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