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I had a lunch date with my pal Kristin today. So, after my run I desperately ran out the door to meet her.

Doctor Oz recently had a show about 7 Deadly Sins to your health and I am guilty of one big time, all the time: Being Late.
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He said if you’re not 5 minutes early you’re 10 minutes late. I think I am going to start thinking like that and trying to get places early. I absolutely just give myself anxiety when I’m running late and that’s not fun or healthy ?

Here is the full list of Deadly Sins…

Not Stretching when you wake up

Not eating Breakfast


Mindless Eating

Being a couch Potato

Disconnecting from family and friends

Not having a bed time

I was lucky enough to randomly catch the show at my nail beauty parlor the week before last, but he has some snippets on the web : seven Deadly routines You need To break Now

Since I was running late to meet my pal I didn’t take pleasure in the drive, but on the way back I really appreciated the scenery…the traffic was incredibly light and so much of the drive was windy, open roads ?

Kristin and I hit up Panera and I could not decide what I wanted. It was a close call and I finally went with pick two. Salmon salad, black bean soup and a whole wheat baguette. I ate every last bite and still felt hungry! I’m a beast today.

Then, I had 5 minutes to get hold of my stuff and get to my babysitting gig. before I left I put some chocolate almond butter on a piece of bread considering that I was craving something sweet.

I also had a LaraBar while sitting. When I got home Ben and I took a short walk to go over the day’s events and before we left I grabbed a handful of grapes (thank goodness they’re nearly gone).

I had the most random, but intense craving for dinner = hard boiled eggs. I felt like I couldn’t go another day without eating one. Isn’t that weird?

The rest of dinner was a big salad with major hummus. For the carb aspect I had some Veggie Crisps too.

And an apple for dessert. now I must brush my teeth and kick back for a bit. Today and yesterday were both a little crazy in Benica-land and we need to recharge. Sees i morgen!

Question: Are you guilty of any of the 7 Deadly Habits? Are you normally early or late to events??



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