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hi from Las Vegas! Refuel with low Fat chocolate Milk is sending me to the rock N Roll Las vegas half marathon this weekend!

Ben as well as I drove right here yesterday afternoon. My feline named vegas tried to stow away in his jacket. I assumption he wishes to see the city he’s named after
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We caught a great deal of web traffic so it took longer than expected. Luckily, I had provisions…

By the time we got to the specify line we were hungry as well as chose to hit up Primm Valley’s buffet. The casinos on specify line are extremely old institution cheesy style so I was hesitant at first.

But, I was able to throw together a great meal from the buffet! A bit of this, a bit of that…

and A great deal of dessert!

This Black & White cookie caught my eye since it was so ridiculous. All the other desserts were little as well as this was HUGE! But, in some cases you requirement to eat a cookie the size of your face…

I likewise dominated this piece of carrot cake. Ben explained that I always seek out carrot cake at bakeries as well as celebrations as well as buffets. assumption I didn’t recognize exactly how much I truly like it!

From the specify line it’s one more 50 miles up until you get to Las Vegas. I spent my time reading Mockingjay!!! Hekta.

Finally we got to our hotel – the Luxor. I stay right here 9 times out of 10 since it’s inexpensive as well as a great location. Plus, I like LAX’s hip hop music on Friday nights!!

Aaaaaand 26 pounds of comprise as well as spray tan later…

I believe Ben approves? (We did a bit pre-gaming in the room, obviously.)

Before going dancing we satisfied up with a few of the women in town for the race. From left it’s:

Skinny Runner


Sarah from when Upon a Lime

Janae hungry Runner Girl

Aaron from Runner’s Rambles

Page from Twenty six as well as then Some

Emily from Sweat when a Day

Cely from Running off the Reeses

After a drink Ben as well as I headed to Gallery, however that was a bust so we ended up at LAX again. It’s type of an old club now, however the music is always good! After a few hours of stuff we headed to the after party…

“Wow, this after celebration is dead…”

Luckily, we rapidly realized we were in the elevator as well as just headed to our space

Then, I realized I had my race bib bracelet on as well as ought to opt for a run…

I promise that was funny last night… now not so much.

Today’s plans include carb loading, a filming thing with chocolate Milk, getting my bib as well as much more carb loading.

Ser deg senere!

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