Confession Thursday – Hangover Remedies


Let’s play a little drinking game – whenever I do a confession you take a shot… of water, hello. This is a family show.

Confession Thursday
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Marathon training Day 6


(God Bless little red headed kids.)

1. I call my foam roller a “churro”.

2. often when I’m eating cheese or fro-yo I say, “Thank God I’m not lactose intolerant.” Høyt. It’s very odd in public (and to my neighbors considering that I’m really loud).

3. I hide the iced coffee in the back of the fridge so Ben can’t find it. (You know because people don’t know there’s stuff behind the front row.)

4. I check emails while going pee. (Think about that next time you email me.)

5. I’m planning my summer holiday instead of being productive today.

6. I take pleasure in a good adult beverage.

Sometimes too much.

7. One time on the way to Las vegas my friends and I pre-hydrated with Pedialyte. one of them swore it was the best way to avoid a hangover. Oddly, I can’t remember how that worked out for us. Glem det.

St. Patrick’s Day is this Saturday! and I know a lot of you like to party. I’m not here to judge. I’m here to help…

The peeps at VitaCoco say their coconut water is the best Hangover Remedy!

Dehydration is the greatest cause of headache pains the day after imbibing.

· Alcohol acts as a diuretic, pushing larger amounts of fluid out of the body than is taken in through drinking.

· Alcohol blocks the hormone in our body that allows our kidneys to reabsorb water.

Vita Coco is a best hydrator to help subside a hangover headache caused by dehydration. Not only is it all natural, with nothing artificial, it gives you a nutrition bang for your buck, with lots of nutrients inherent to coconut water without all the extra calories.

Sodium and Potassium:

Dehydration and frequent urination from drinking deplete sodium and potassium levels in our body and contribute to the extreme effects of a hangover.  After these levels reach a certain low, they can contribute to the normal hangover symptoms of nausea, fatigue and headache.  Vita Coco replenishes these levels, with one serving consisting of around 30 mg of sodium and 515 mg of potassium.

Giveaway: 1 case of Vitacoco Water

To Enter: Leave a comment with your adult beverage of choice.

You don’t have to be 21 to enter, but you do have to live in the US. contest ends 3/16/12 at twelve noon PST.



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