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Last night our flight to San Francisco was delayed 2 hours. Boo.

But, it provided us time to check out the new Southwest wing of the John Wayne flight terminal (in Orange County). They have a Pinkberry!
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I packed Ben as well as myself sandwiches, however he desired fries as well as I took pleasure in some too.

We likewise shared a Pinkberry parfait. It’s fro-yo on the top as well as bottom, fruit as well as granola in the middle.

After landing in SFO we had to drive ourselves 1.5 hours north to Santa Rosa. With the flight delay we didn’t end up getting to the hotel up until after midnight.

This morning I had the greatest runner’s stop working of America.

Ben as well as I were going to take a walk around a regional park. When we got there we saw people were using bibs. It had crossed my mind to inspect if there was a race in town, however I didn’t.

Well, there was a half MARATHON AT THE PARK WE were at (<- that’s me yelling at myself). We asked a few people about it as well as they said, “Well, if you want to run 13 miles…” jokingly. Um, they don’t understand me. I would absolutely do it! It was 5 minutes to begin time as well as I was already hungry so I didn’t do it. however I kicked myself all the time Moral of the story: always inspect to see if there is a race in the town you’re checking out before you travel. After missing a race our walk we hit up whole Foods for breakfast. Surprisingly, this was Ben’s idea. It’s since he believes whatever from the WF bar is incredibly healthy. just since the mac n’ cheese is organic doesn’t indicate it’s great for ya. Then, we had some service to go to for the day. At one point I rode in a golf cart as well as told everybody about my a lot of embarrassing moment since it included a golf cart. have I ever told you people about it?? We broke for lunch around 12:30pm as well as hit up Subway. Ben as well as I spilt a foot long 50-50 or 6 inches–6 inches if you will. I ate a protein bar as well as some peanuts while driving around. The highlight of the day had to be during a random stroll in a park… Some person was walking two dogs that looked precisely like goats. Vente. Those are goats. I’ve been craving Thai food for weeks as well as lastly got my repair today. There are a great deal of great Thai locations in our neighborhood, however I held off since I understood we’d be eating out all weekend. We discovered a respectable location on Yelp as well as it hit the area Thai salad as a starter. (I drank that peanut sauce after this picture.) I got some veggie / poultry meal that sounded healthy, however came drowned in a lot more peanut sauce. So, I didn’t have to drink that salad dressing besides as well as ended up consuming a gallon of it in this meal. I’ve introduced Ben to eggplant as well as he can’t get enough. Brown rice rice baby. Question: What time is it when you’re made with dinner? Svar: The had a truly great St. Patty’s Mint flavor that tasted precisely like a Shamrock Shake as well as the sf strawberry was delicious! I was ecstatic about the fruit loops for some odd reason… Thai food as well as frozen yogurt! If I had some pizza as an appetizer this would total my last meal on earth picks. Before last night’s fries I had a truly great week of clean eating. I’ve got to keep chugging beers along. I’m back on the clean eating wagon tomorrow. Takk for at du spiller. Drikke Drikke Send meg arbeidsboken Lagre Deling er omsorgsfull! Dele kvitring Pin Dele Post Dele

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